Recommendations on how to clean a wall

Recommendations on how to clean a wallOver time, walls get dirty with all kinds of marks, dust and stains. And it’s amazing how bright can look a certain area of the house once you give the walls a good cleaning. For most people it seems like a waste of time. But it is an easy task to do. If you are willing to clean the walls of your home, on this page we will give a series of recommendations on how to clean a wall.

First thing to do is dust the walls. You have to remove all dirt and fine dust stuck, because if the wall surface is not free of dust when you start cleaning, mud and litter may form in future.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to vacuum the surfaces of the walls and remove all the dirt that is stuck in them. You can also use a broom with his head wrapped in a clean cloth or use a dry sponge to remove loose build-ups.

Even if you do not intend to wash the walls, it’s recommended that you dust them regularly. Pay attention to the areas that are close to the kitchen sink or to the shower, as they are exposed to steam.

Before washing the walls cover carpets and furniture. Use some old sheets, newspapers or plastic sheeting to protect your stuff away from damages caused by spills.

Prepare the cleaning solution but be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first. Mix one cup ammonia with a half cup of white vinegar, half cup of baking soda and a quart of lukewarm water. You can also buy a commercial spray cleaner. We suggest using this mixture on painted walls.

Once you have positive proof that the solution does not damage the wall, proceed with applying it. Soak a sponge with the solution and gently rub the wall right-side up. Use a mop to access the higher areas of the wall.

Once you have cleaned the entire wall with the solution or with the spray cleaner, rinse the wall with warm water.

Repeat the procedure if necessary and use a clean cloth to dry the wall and ensure there are no water drops left.


You have to know what kind of paint is on your walls. The oil-based walls are easy to clean. For walls containing water based paint it is advisable to be only cleaned if they are many years old. If the wall paint is fresh, first dust and then wash. For walls that are papered or have other coatings, it is recommended to be washed if only they are waterproof.

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