How to clean a glass table

How to clean a glass tableA glass coffee table seems to be a standard fare for a living room or a dining room. It is, indeed, an elegant choice for adding an accent in a room and it has many advantages: it combines well with your other stuff and it is available in nearly any size and shape.

But sometimes it may be a challenge to remove streaks or haze from your glass table as it is used daily. Here we come with our advices on how to clean your glass table with less effort.

For keeping your glass table perfect looking, be sure to take time for cleaning both sides of the glass – the top and the underside. And do not forget to clean it regularly – at least once a week.

Whatever cleaning solution works for you, try cleaning the glass top without contacting the other materials of which your table is made, as the cleaner you use may not be safe for them (it may damage wood or metal). Wipe wood clean if it gets wet during cleaning.

You may have success in cleaning your glass topped table by using a mix of water and vinegar (or lemon juice), or a commercial glass cleaner, or hot plain water. But if you don’t find your table shining like new, you can try using pure white vinegar instead.

Using a white vinegar solution is the way to make glass shine with cleanliness (works on windows too), but you can also use soda water to achieve the same result. Continue reading to find out more.

First, wipe the tabletop with a clean, dry cloth to remove any non-sticky spills or dust before getting the table wet. Check the surface of the table for any gunk left. If there is any, you can use a glass cleaning razor blade to safely scrape it off the glass.

Then, spray or pour a generous amount of white vinegar (with no water added) onto the table top. Use a soft, dry cloth (or eventually paper towel or crumpled up newspaper) to wipe down the surface until all cloudiness and smears are gone. When you clean, wipe in a single direction to avoid smudging.

Finally, buff with a fresh piece of newspaper or clean cloth to make sure all fluff is removed from the tabletop.

This is it – a simple and easy solution that leaves glass all nice and shiny. Enjoy your coffee time.

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