Household cleaning tricks

Household cleaning tricksHave a look at some cleaning tricks and secret cleansers to know how you can save money while cleaning stuff by using what you already have in home.

White vinegar: This is an extremely powerful cleaning solution that you already have in home. With pure white vinegar you’ll be able to wash no-wax floors and clean glass surfaces (such as tables, windows or shower doors), kitchen appliances (microwaves, fridges, coffee makers, dish washers, etc.), bathtubs and many more. White vinegar has also deodorizing effect.

Pet hair removal: Put on dampened rubber gloves and wipe your hand over surfaces. A damp sponge will do the same trick of sticking hair to it.

Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds are not only used for preparing your favourite morning beverage, but they are also a secret weapon used against unpleasant odors. Simply place some coffee grounds in a bowl in the fridge. Replace them every two months to enjoy a fresh, slightly caffeinated smell.

Storing cleaning supplies: Using a shoe holder is a nice idea for space saving while storing stuff. You can keep your cleaning products organized if you arrange them in a shoe holder over the back of your closet’s door.

Wiping up: Baby wipes are really useful when you need to quickly clean surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. But you should avoid using them for wiping up leather, as the chemicals they contain can break the lacquer finish of your leather furnishings.

Removing stickers: Removing price tags from your new dishes or glasses can be a bit frustrating task to do. But some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth will do the trick. The alcohol is going to dissolve the sticky glue in no time.

A really useful tool: A cordless, bag-less, handheld vacuum cleaner is what you need. It’s amazingly helpful to keep one of these in your closet. It’s capable of cleaning almost everything and when you are done you just have to empty the canister into the trash.

Pastry brushes: These are softer than paintbrushes and easier to dip into corners or difficult-to-reach places. You can use them to dust your frame photos or other collectibles.

Newspapers: Use your old newspaper to cover the bottom of the trashcan to soak up leaks and odors.

Mopping with mouthwash: Mix a gallon of water with a cap full of mouthwash and use this efficient solution to mop vinyl or tile – but not wood.

Wax spills removal: Place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on top of the wax spill and press with an iron on low heat. The paper will absorb the wax.

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