How to clean your kitchen sink without using chemicals

How to clean your kitchen sink without using chemicalsKitchen sink should be one of the cleanest parts of our home but people very often neglect the proper care of it and just rinse it with hot water. Your sink may look clean but it doesn’t mean that germs and bacteria are gone. Moreover, heavy stains and limescale can build up and may become difficult to remove without harming the stainless steel.

To make your life easier, we decided to list some simple steps to help you sanitize your sink and make it shinier than ever.

Baking soda

Baking soda is efficient, cheap and toxic-free way to get rid of those ugly grease and stubborn spots appearing on your sink. You can buy it from any supermarket near your home and will make wonders with your sink.

Just wet the sink and sprinkle it with small amount of baking soda and wait a couple of minutes. Then using an ordinary household sponge give a rubdown to the sink until it forms a paste. Finally, wipe down with warm water and polish with a dry microfiber cloth or kitchen paper.

If you have limescale built up behind the taps just pour vinegar over the bicarbonate soda. It will begin to fuzz. When the fuzz is gone scrub with an old toothbrush and voila – the limescale disappears.

Liquid dish soap

For daily maintenance of the sink you can simply apply liquid soap that is a better option than strong cleaning products. It dissolves any grease on the surface that occurred because of food residues.

However, don’t use abrasive tools to rub because they will create scratches in the stainless steel finish. Be aware that bleach is not appropriate for this type of sinks as it can cause damages as well.


Another good idea to keep your sink in perfectly clean condition is by using a mixture of 1 cup borax and ¼ cup lemon juice. Take a small amount of the paste and put it on a cloth or sponge. Then start to scrub it into the stain with gentle motions and wash it with warm water. All spots should be gone after this treatment.

Baby oil for the shining look of your sink

It is very old but proven method to make your sink look like new. After the sink is cleaned and dried you can put a couple of drops of baby oil on a cotton towel and spread it across the whole surface. Then buff it up with a dry cloth. The result will just amaze you!

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