How to maintain your ceramic hobs

How to maintain your ceramic hobsNowadays, there’s a wide range of ceramic, electric, gas and induction hobs, which you can choose amongst to form your kitchen’s fire zone.

Depending on the system used, there are different cleaning methods. And in this article we are going to provide some tips for cleaning ceramic hobs.

For keeping your ceramic hobs looking like new, be in the habit of cleaning them every time after you use them. This way you will prolong their life and it will make your job easier the next time you clean them.

Remember to clean the hobs only if they are cold enough to prevent damages. However, if some milk, sugar or anything sticky is spilled, you should withdraw it immediately with a hob scraper, do not wait for it to cool off.

Before the actual cleaning, remove all loose food and dirt, making it easier to see which areas need special attention.

You can then clean the surface of your ceramic hobs by spraying with any of the commercial products on the market and remove with paper towels. The ceramic hob cleaners should be able to remove burnt on food, grease, lime scale and watermarks, and at the same time the are gentle enough not to scratch your glass or ceramic hobs. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before applying the cleaning product of your choice.

If some of the stains do not come out with the commercial cleaner, apply warm, soapy water to the hob using a soft cloth, leave the solution to act for an hour, rinse and wipe dry. Then, apply some white vinegar to the cooker top using a clean cloth for an extra shine. Finally, buff with a clean cloth.

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