Advices on household dusting

Advices on household dustingMore than 90 percent of household dust comes from people and fabric. So, it’s impossible to eliminate its sources, but what you can do is reduce some general mistakes people often make when dusting.  Continue reading to get familiar with our dust-busting tricks.

Organize your closet

Our clothes, towels and bedding constantly shed barely visible fibers. In your closet, try to keep fibers inside – enclose your rarely used clothes or fabrics in garment bags or containers. Vacuum the closet floor.

Change bed sheets weekly

This way you can reduce skin flakes, fibers and dust in the air.

Shake the rugs and beat the cushions

It’s recommended to shake your rugs and beat your cushions several times a year to remove more dust than vacuuming can.

Avoid using feather dusters

A feather duster will only spread dust from one surface to another. Instead, capture dust with a soft cloth dampened with water, microfiber dusters, or electrostatic dusters. And do not forget to wash them when they get dirty.

Wash the air conditioner filters

The air blowing through them can fill your room with dust quickly. Regularly take out the air filter to rinse it out with warm water (or vacuum it). Let it dry well before replacing it back.

Use a dusting spray or polish

Your cloth or duster should be wet to make cleaning easier. Use water, a dusting spray or polish.

Ceiling-to-floor cleaning

Work from top down to vacuum with multiple attachments. Replace or wash the vacuum cleaner filters as often as your model’s manufacturer recommends.

Air cleaners

These units are designed to filter a small area and are totally capable of reducing dust levels in a room.

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