Best ways to clean laminate floors

Best ways to clean laminate floorCleaning laminate floor is really easy when you do it with the right mop and the right cleaning solution.

Before you start cleaning your floor with the cleaning solution and a mop, it is good to vacuum clean it or sweep the dirt with a broom.

Then you will need a microfiber mop, cleaning solution, water and a bucket.

How to make your own cleaning solution?

You can always use a manufacturer’s cleaning solution or make one yourself. Here is a recipe recommended by us:

– 1/4 c white vinegar

– 1 gallon of hot water

– A small amount of dish soap


  1. Dampen the microfiber pad with warm water and put some cleaning solution (homemade or manufacturer’s – the choice is yours).
  2. Mop the floor. It is better to do it in the same direction as the grooves go. This will prevent dirt from collecting where the planks meet. If the microfiber pad gets too dirty, you can replace it.
  3. Enjoy the shiny floor.

There are some things you should be careful about when cleaning your laminate floor.

  1. When you finish cleaning the floor with a mop and some cleaning solution, dry it with towel. It’s not good for the laminate surface to stay wet because this can cause it to warp.
  2. It is not a good idea to use wax or polish because you can have problems removing it later.
  3. Also do not use ammonia because it can damage your laminate floor.
  4. It is not recommended to use a string or sponge mop on the laminate floor.
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