How to clean your fridge

How to clean tile floorsCleaning the refrigerator is not a pleasant task to do, but it has to be done from time to time. If you are looking for tips on how to clean your fridge, follow our simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be done in no time.

First unplug your refrigerator and empty its contents. Consider throwing away any spoiled food or beverage.

Remove the drawer, shelving and other removable surface areas and place them near the kitchen sink. Sponge them using liquid dish soap and warm water. For heavy-duty spills or stains, don’t be afraid to use the power of hot water and ammonia. Let the surfaces dry.

Damp out the ice and clean the dispensers if any.

For cleaning the interior of the refrigerator it’s better to use a natural solution (for example, a mixture of baking soda (or white vinegar) and hot water; for stubborn stains use the abrasive power of toothpaste). Wipe down the walls, the shelf seams and the rubber door seal.

Dust the top of the fridge and the floor underneath it.

Plug in the refrigerator. Replace the dried drawers and shelves. Put the food back in, wiping down jars and bottles.

Clean the exterior. If it is stainless steel, wipe the surface down using a soft cloth dampened with distilled white vinegar. For other types of surfaces, use a multisurface solution and paper towels.


Keep a small bowl of baking soda inside the fridge to absorb excess moisture and odors. Replace it every 30 days.

Like baking soda, ground coffee or unscented chlorophyll cat litter also works well for absorbing odors.

It’s best to do a thorough cleaning of your fridge seasonally.

Regular maintenance will save you time. As soon as you notice any spills or stains, try to clean them before they set.

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