Removing candle wax from floors

Removing candle wax from floorsBrown paper bags can save you time when it comes to cleaning your new floor or carpet after spilling some candle wax on it.

When using the above mentioned trick, remember to choose paper bags with no printing on them. Continue reading to learn how to easily clean wax from your floors or carpets.

Cut the brown paper bag for it to lay flat over the affected area.

Plug your steam iron in and set it on a moderate setting. Wait until it gets warm.

Place the warm iron on top of the brown paper over the wax spot. Move it back and forth without touching areas outside the paper bag. Due to heating the wax will begin to melt and it will be absorbed into the paper. A dark spot will appear onto the bag, and then it’s time to place another clean paper bag to continue absorbing the wax.

When no more wax is absorbed into the paper, you can relax to have you carpet or floor area clean.

When the wax is gone, spray the area with cleaner and blot with a clean cloth and fresh water.


For removing wax from wood floors use the following method:

Fill a plastic bag with ice and apply it onto the affected area. Let it stay for a few minutes. This will harden the wax and it would be easier to pick it off. If there are wax residues left, place an ink blotter onto the spot and apply a hot pressing iron over it.

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