Household cleaning tips

Household cleaning tipsMake your household cleaning job easier with our simple cleaning tips.

Get rid of the sponge microbes

Sponges are ideal for harboring a great amount of germs. Those with a rough side for cleaning out hard-to-clean pots and pans are really useful, but it’s a waste tossing them out before their life cycle is over. However you could sanitize your sponges by placing them in the microwave for 2 minutes. This is a simple way to kill most of the germs.

Clean your iron with salt

Cover your ironing board with something to make clean up simpler. Then spill salt on the board. Turn your iron to the highest setting with the steam option off. Iron over the salt and the dirt will adhere to the salt leaving your iron with a shiny surface.

Scrub off baked-on food with aluminum foil

On the off chance that you have remainders of your dish adhered to your baking glass cookware, crumple a piece of foil into a ball, and then use it with few drops of dish washing fluid to scour the dish clean.

Clean between oven windows

The double paned window on your oven manages to gather grime after some time, and no doubt it seems difficult to clean it, however it’s simpler than you might suspect! You just need to use a wire hanger. Attach a cleaning wipe to the hook using a rubber band. Look under the door of your oven.  You will see slots between the oven door and the window glass. Slap the hook through the slats and move it from side to side to clean the glass.

Use a dryer sheet to clean up scummy surfaces

Don’t throw the used dryer sheet. Spray it with water, then use it to wipe away built-up soap residue on your shower entryways.

Use rice to clean your grinder

Run a modest bunch of white rice grains through the empty grinder to remove bad odors and trapped particles. Throw the rice, and then wipe the grinder clean. It’s ready to grind your coffee grounds or spices again.

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