How to clean your wood floor

How to clean your wood floorWood floors are relatively easy to clean and maintain, this is the main advantage they are preferred for.

But regular cleaning is a must when it comes to preserving your wood floors shining. If you do not know what kind of finish they have, be careful with the cleaning solutions which you apply.

However, any wood floor could be cleaned with a quarter-cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water.

First, sweep with a soft-bristled broom or vacuum the floor to remove loose dust and particles, as moisture can turn them into hard-to-remove grime.

Then make the above mentioned mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar (or just pure water for regular cleaning).

Use a damp flat microfiber mop to start cleaning by using the mixture. Do not get wood floors too wet.

Spot-clean tough areas with a cloth. Dip the cloth in the cleaning solution and scrub it over stains with your hands.


Do not use hot water when mopping, as it may dull the finish and damage the floor. Use only cold or warm water.

If you use floor detergent or soap in the mop water, try not to use too much of it, as it can make the floor slippery or leave chemical residues. Don’t use bleach, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or anything that will leave a residue (ex. oil, furniture spray, wax).

To pick up as much dirt as possible follow the grains of the wood when mopping.

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