Christmas cleanup tips

Christmas cleanup tipsChristmas is coming and we all like to look at pretty pictures on the net and plan our holiday decor. However, if our home is filled with clutter, too much stuff and is just generally not clean or tidy, we should really address those issues first.

Organize your stuff

The Christmas season is a good time to start thinking about helping other people. This is the time to clear and sort out closets, and give any unwanted clothes, toys, and books to charity.

Prepare for the holidays

A thorough clean before Christmas to make sure everything is spotless and tidy before your guests arrive will go a long way towards maintaining your housekeeping routine.

Beside the routine cleaning tasks like vacuuming and dusting, you should keep in mind the following pre-Christmas cleaning jobs:

– Circle the house, and make a list of needed cleaning chores. Focus on public areas, rooms used by house guests, and kitchen and food storage areas.

– Delegate routine cleaning chores to family members.

– Call to schedule professional carpet/upholstery cleaning and window washing.

– Defrost the freezer to make space for the Christmas food.

– Give your oven and fridge a thorough clean.

– Organize cupboards so you can find ingredients quickly.

– Check to make sure you have enough plates, cutlery and glasses and give them all a good clean.

– Iron any table linens and polish silver.

– Source extra chairs.

– Stock up on washing detergent, dishwasher powder, rubbish bags, and toilet and kitchen paper.

– Stock up on stain removers and other cleaning products.

– Dry clean special outfits.

– Plan the meals and make a shopping list.

– Bring down the decorations a few days before they are needed and take the time to check the lights all work and there are no broken decorations.

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